MY Fitness

Manage Your Fitness

Genetic analysis allows us to identify your genetic talent in various sports, so you can define your athletic orientation accordingly and thus maximise your potential. 

MY Nutrition

Manage Your Nutrition

By finding out what's good for your body and what it might not like so much, you're taking invaluable steps to not only be healthy but also feel great.

MY Weight

Manage Your Weight

Your genes also influence the way your body digests certain types of foods and can therefore help you achieve your weight loss goals - even without starving yourself!

MY Beauty

Manage Your Beauty

Analysing your genes allows you to better understand your body's needs and by responding to them your beauty can shine even brighter than it already does.

MY Health

Manage Your Health

By analyzing more than 90 gene variations we can identify innate disease risks and start a prevention program appropriate to your genetic profile.



Manage Your Allergy

MY Allergy offers a new test method that can reliably identify specific antibodies against more than 100 allergy-causing substances.



Manage Your Baby's Health

Testing your toddler for more than 100 genetic disorders puts you in the best position to take care of your baby’s precious future.



Master Your Body

Using the invaluable information gained from your genetic analysis, we can create nutritional and weight-loss supplements completely tailored to your unique needs. 



Master Your Skin

Using the invaluable information gained from your genetic analysis, we create a series of skincare products that are tailored to your individual genetic needs.

Just like all of us have different tastes and preferences, we all have different genetic needs. 


With a simple saliva sample you can gain invaluable information about your body and learn how your genes influence your immune system, your weight, your wellbeing and even your skin. We critically investigate your results and communicate key insights in a comprehensible report so you can focus on responding to your body's needs - with uniquely personalised skincare, nutritional supplements and exercise programmes.


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Even candy can be healthy
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An impressive amount of data communicated clearly with actionable responses to my genetic needs. It's never been so easy to listen to my body.

— Nina Althammer, Student