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Many people are carriers of genetic diseases that may cause no symptoms, but can be inherited by their children. MY Baby's Health tests your toddler for more than 100 genetic disorders, and if necessary, allows you to initiate timely treatment. Severe consequences, such as physical and mental disabilities can be prevented in many cases. The signs of the relevant diseases are detected based on the abnormal metabolites in urine.

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What's included in this analysis?


Diagnosis of more then 100 congenital metabolic diseases

Timely preventive or treatment options of the disease

Potential avoidance of retarded development and/or disability

Analysis of 250 metabolites in urine

Analysis with the next generation of neonatal screening technology (GC/MS)

A comprehensive analysis report

If necessary, scientific and medical support for the attending pediatrician

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MY Baby's Health
Individual Analysis

What's included?

Your baby's health analysis including all feature mentioned above.