Ageing, and especially ageing of the skin has a variety of causes. Certain environmental influences such as UV radiation and the lack of nutrients play an important role. Still, there are people who seem to age faster or slower, even while leading the same lifestyle as others. There are significant personal differences from person to person, and these differences are in the genes.

Every person comes equipped with genes that should protect them from accelerated ageing processes. Unfortunately, frequently occurring errors in these genes, so-called gene variants, interfere with their function, which leads to an acceleration of one or more factors of ageing.

The objective of this program is to analyze the status of these protective genes and to allow identification of the personal genetic strengths and weaknesses. The results will then allow you to follow a beauty program based on your genetic makeup that best supports your personal genetic strengths and combats your weaknesses.

Let your inner beauty shine

Gorgeous woman with geneticlly personalised skincare

What's included in this analysis?

Analysis of your individual ... 

Collagen Breakdown

Collagen Production

UV Protection of the skin

Skin Hydration

Oxidative Stress

The Effect of Q10

Your Selenium Requirements

Inflammatory Reactions

Your Biological Age

MY Beauty
Individual Analysis

What's included?

Your individual nutrition analysis including all feature mentioned above.

MY Skincare Package
MY Beauty + Personalised Skincare Set

What's included?

Your individual beauty analysis and personalised skincare set