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Our genes are the blueprint for our bodies and control a variety of properties, such as eye color, height or vocations. Unfortunately, our genes are not error-free, and each of us carries certain genetic defects or genetic variations that adversely affect our health.

These genetic variations increase the risk of diabetes, thrombosis or cancer, they determine how to effectively remove toxins from our body, they control food intolerances, and how vulnerable we are to periodontal disease. Genes determine which drugs are effective and which can lead to serious side effects. By analyzing more than 90 gene variations we can identify innate disease risks, start a prevention program appropriate to your genetic profile or select the most effective treatment and drug therapy for you.

What questions can this analysis answer?

As part of this analysis, more than 110 genetic variations are tested, providing you with answers to the following questions:


How high is your risk of suffering from more than 35 different metabolic disorders and diseases?

Is your calcium intake restricted?

What drugs are likely to have side effects and which are likely to be effective?

What lifestyle changes are recommended?

Is Omega 3 likely good for your cholesterol levels?

How effectively can your body detoxify heavy metals, chemicals, smoke and soot?

How can you support the detoxification of your body?

How protected are you against oxidative stress?

What micronutrients does your body need, and in what dose?

Can your body properly convert CoQ10?

What increases your risk of obesity? Fat or carbs?

How can you support your body's weight loss process and maintain your weight?

How does alcohol, coffee and addictive substances affect your health?

What precautionary measures should you take to help your body stay healthy?

.... and many more questions ... 

What's included in this package?

Analysis of more than 110 gene variations

Impact on more than 35 different disease patterns

Estimate of effects and side effects of over 230 medications

Needs assessment of micronutrients


A doctor must be consulted for MY Health, so if you're interested please let us know below and we'll arrange the details.