Certain gene variations can affect how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients, and which substances can be converted and used correctly. 

Through an analysis of more than 50 genetic variations that are relevant for your nutrition, we can now determine in which areas you are well protected, and in which areas you may have a deficit due to your metabolism. The analysis can help you avoid poorly tolerated food, identify impaired detoxification of heavy metals, diagnose pesticides and solvents, and optimally provide your body with important nutrients.

As a first step, a saliva sample is taken using a cotton swab.


After arrival in our laboratory, your genes are extracted and only the gene segments corresponding to nutrition variations are examined. Our scientists will then evaluate your genetic profile and put together a customized diet plan.


You will receive a list of over 900 foods that are rated according to your genes, together with a set of easy to implement dietary recommendations.

Eat well, feel better

Bright variety of healthy foods
Healthy greens

What questions can this analysis answer?

What is the best way to keep your homocysteines, your triglycerides, and your cholesterol in the normal range, through your diet?

Is vitamin B12 efficient in lowering the homocysteine?

Is your need for iron increased, or should you absolutely avoid iron-rich foods?

Is your typical calcium intake reduced?

How can you improve the health of your joints through targeted nutrition?

What foods should you avoid because of possible intolerances?

What food ingredients should you avoid, and which ones should be preferred?

What quantity of 20 + different vitamins and minerals is recommended?

How can you help prevent more than 20 metabolic problems through the correct diet?

What's included in this analysis?

Analysis of more than 50 genetic variations

Your genes' influence on over 20 metabolic problems

Review of over 900 foods according to your genes

Identification of your individual needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals

Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients

Nutrition plan with over 60 pages

MY Nutrition
Individual Analysis

What's included?

Your individual nutrition analysis.

MY Healthy Life
MY Fitness + MY Weight + MY Nutrition

What's included?

Your individual nutrition, weight and fitness analysis

MY Healthy Life

What's included?

Your individual nutrition, weight and fitness analysis as well as 3 months of your personal nutrition supplements