MY Allergy

MY Allergy


What's included in this analysis?


IgE antibody test of more than 100 allergens

Analysis for allergens which trigger an immediate immune response

Determination of the cross-reactions

Action and treatment recommendations based on your result

Pain-free analysis without the risk of anaphylactic shock


What allergens are tested?


Plants: grass, herbs, pollen from sunflowers

Animals: dogs, cats

Insects: house dust mite, cockroach, honeybee

Molds: Aspergillus, Alternaria, Cladosporium


Foods: cow's milk, hen's eggs, carrot, celery, kiwi, peach, apple, wheat, shrimp, peanut


A few drops of capillary blood are enough for running the test. Sampling this blood is usually a painless process. This type of test provides a precise determination of allergenic individual components, without direct contact with the test substances, as it is the case for skin tests.