MY Healthy Life

MY Healthy Life


This is our best-selling combi-package, combining the analysis of MY Fitness, MY Nutrition and MY Weight and thus providing you with valuable information to lead a healthy lifestyle. You'll also receive a completely personalised cookbook with recipes that are based on your genetic needs.

So what's included in this combi-package?


From MY Nutrition:


Analysis of more than 50 genetic variations

Influence on over 20 metabolic problems

Review of over 1100 foods, according to your genes

Identify your individual needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals

Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients

Nutrition plan


From MY Weight:


Analysis of the 8 relevant genes

Evaluation of your innate qualities

Weight loss program adapted to your genetic profile

More than 1100 food rated according to your genes

Report with more than 60 pages

Results of the molecular genetic analysis

Completely personalized recipe book just for you

MY Toxo:

  • Analysis of the 10 relevant genetic variations
  • Information about your body's ability to detoxify heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, soot and smoke
  • Analysis of your ability to handle oxidative stress
  • Personalised action plan to reduce the impact of pollution on your body
  • Effect of alcohol and caffeine on your health