MY Nutrition

MY Nutrition


What's included in this analysis?

Analysis of more than 50 genetic variations

Influence on over 20 metabolic problems

Review of over 900 foods, according to your genes

Identify your individual needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals

Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients

Nutrition plan with over 60 pages



What questions can this analysis answer?

How can you support your body in keeping your homocysteines, your triglycerides, and your cholesterol in the normal range, through your diet?

Is vitamin B2 effective at lowering the homocysteine?

Is your need for iron increased, or should you absolutely avoid iron-rich foods?

Is your typical calcium intake reduced?

How can you improve the health of your joints through targeted nutrition?

What foods should you avoid because of possible intolerances?

What food ingredients should you avoid, and which ones should be preferred?

What quantity of 20 + different vitamins and minerals is recommended?

How can you prevent more than 20 metabolic problems through a correct diet?

How can you adjust your diet, so that you follow all of these?