MY Premium Health

MY Premium Health


This genetic analysis package contains all of our genetic analyses for prevention, healthy eating and weight control. It will also help you to reduce genetic disease risks and to stay healthy. If you are already suffering from certain diseases, this analysis will help you to select the optimal therapy.

So what's included in this combi-package?


Prevention: fit and healthy your whole life!

  • Analysis of more than 110 gene variations
  • ​Impact on more than 35 different disease patterns incl. Alzheimer, AMD, Bone Health, Breast/Prostate Health, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Glaucoma, Gluten, HIV,  Resistance, Hypertension, IBD, Iron, Joint Health, Lactose, Periodontitis, Drug Tolerance, Thrombosis, Detoxification
  • ​Estimate of effects and side effects of over 2000 drugs
  • ​Needs assessment of micronutrients


From MY Weight:

  • Analysis of the 8 relevant genes
  • Evaluation of your innate qualities
  • Weight loss program adapted to your genetic profile
  • More than 1100 food rated according to your genes
  • Report with more than 60 pages
  • Results of the molecular genetic analysis

MY Nutrition:

  • Analysis of more than 50 genetic variations
  • ​Your genes' influence on over 20 metabolic problems
  • ​Review of over 900 foods according to your genes
  • ​Identification of your individual needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals
  • ​Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients
  • ​Nutrition plan with over 60 pages