MY Weight Supplements - 1 Month

MY Weight Supplements - 1 Month


As an add-on to the weight management genetic test (MY Weight) you can further support your weight loss process with our personalised weight loss supplements. Based on your genetic profile, these supplements can reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrate calories from your food.

Through genetic analysis, we know how sensitive you are to fat and carbohydrates. As support, we offer an optional medical device customized to your genes, containing a tried and tested clinically active ingredient tailored to your genes, which can regulate the relationship between fat and carbohydrate inhibitors.

Since each person requires a different dosage of these active ingredients, the product is mixed together in the right proportions for your genes and is sealed in individual blister packs. Take the content of one of these blisters with water, before each of the two main meals. 


IMPORTANT: You can order this only if you have previously ordered MY Weight or MY Healthy Lifestyle