Monitored by experts

The standard of quality assurance measures for genetic analysis is strictly regulated by law. Moreover, we have designed other quality assurance measures to ensure a high standard of genetic testing. Analysis results with great medical relevance are independently investigated several times to ensure the accuracy of the results. In addition, each of our leading experts has many years of experience in the application of the genotyping technologies used.


Monitoring the laboratories

Genosense tests each partner laboratory in detail, particularly regarding the qualification of the personnel and the quality of the laboratory. We pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • A high standard of quality assurance measures

  • Adequate and qualified personnel for rapid processing

  • Advanced technologies for genotyping

  • Adequate provision for data security

  • Presence of scientific experts for compiling the results

  • Short execution times

  • High process transparency


In this way, we ensure that the genetic analysis of your DNA is at the highest standard of accuracy, consistency and data security.


Verification by independent laboratories

To monitor the accuracy of the results of our laboratories, we regularly take part in proficiency tests, in which the samples are analyzed by an independent laboratory. In this way, we certify the accuracy of our results. In addition, samples with known gene defects are routinely analyzed, just to monitor the entire processes.